ICEA P-79-561-2013 (R2018)


Guide for Selecting Aerial Cable Messengers and Lashing Wires
standard by Insulated Cable Engineers Association, 06/11/2018


ICEA P-79-561-2013 (R2018) has been prepared to facilitate the selection of messengers and lashing wires for both fieldand factory-assembled, self-supporting aerial cables.

The cables used for attachment to the messenger shall be suitable for the service and shall bemanufactured and tested in accordance with the applicable ICEA Standards and installed inaccordance with the applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and/or theNational Electrical Safety Code/ANSI Standards Publication No. C2.

This guide does not cover all possible messenger configurations. Reference should be made to other publications for service drop and neutral supported applications.

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