ICEA S-81-570-2012


Standard for 600 Volt Rated Cables with Ruggedized Extruded Insulation
standard by Insulated Cable Engineers Association, 07/19/2012


ICEA S-81-570-2012 applies to the materials, constructions, and testing of single conductor cables andassemblies of completed single conductor cables used for the distribution of electrical energy at phaseto-phase voltages not exceeding 600 volts or phase to ground not exceeding 480 V, and at temperaturesnot exceeding 75 °C or 90 °C, as applicable to the construction. It requires the use of ruggedizedextruded insulations to improve the resistance of the cable to certain forms of mechanical damageassociated with their intended use as directly buried Secondary Distribution and Service Cables. Thesecables, when operated within the voltage and temperature limits stated herein, are also suitable for usein other types of installations under the conditions normally associated with those installations.

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