Recommended Practice: Lighting Hospitality Spaces, Includes Errata 1 (2021)

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IES 03/19/2020 66


IES RP-9 – Recommended Practice: Lighting Hospitality Spaces, Includes Errata 1 (2021)

Lighting is critical to commercial success in the hospitality industry. Lighting is often the first feature that guests notice and is the element that creates that all-important long-lasting positive impression. This first impression may form guests’ opinions about the quality, character, convenience, and charm of the hotel even before they reach the front entrance. This document has been developed to aid designers, facility managers, and owners in creating lighting systems for hotel applications. The intent is to address how all of the various components of hospitality lighting need to be an integrated system of layers as well as uniquely represented areas of illumination. Guidance is provided specific to lighting design for these hotel areas:

  • Exterior Entrances, Entry Drives,
  • Lobbies; Elevator Lobbies
  • Public Corridors; Public Restrooms
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Guest Corridors; Guest Rooms; Guest Bathrooms
  • Ballrooms and Multifunction Meeting Rooms
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Food and Beverage; Retail; Spa Services
  • Business Centers
  • Fitness Centers

For each type of area within a hotel, the discussion includes consideration of the uses of the spaces, the lighting design considerations, and the design criteria and solutions.

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