LIA Z136.3


Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities
standard by Laser Institute of America, 05/25/2018


The ANSI Z136.3-2018 American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care serves as a guideline for all personnel who use or are exposed to a laser or laser system that is used as a medical device for a health care application. It is meant to aid in the establishment of medical laser safety policies, procedures and training programs, which keep both patients and staff safe from laser-related hazards.With sections covering topics specific to health care facilities, such as endotracheal tube fires and infection control, this standard is a must-have for all Medical Laser Safety Officers (MLSOs).

The 2018 revision reflects current thinking and practice. Updates include:

  • Refinement of the roles and responsibilities of the Laser Safety Officer (LSO), Deputy LSO (DLSO), Laser Safety Site Contact (LSSC), and Laser Safety Specialist (LSS), with additional information regarding these positions discussed in a new normative appendix
  • Revised sections on laser plume
  • Expanded guidelines for 3rd party laser rentals
  • Introduction of the newly defined Class 1C, which includes laser products designed explicitly for contact application to the skin, i.e., intended for hair removal, skin wrinkle reduction, and acne reduction.

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