API RP 2217A


Safe Work in Inert Confined Spaces in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries

Fifth Edition

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API 07/01/2017 34


API RP 2217A – Safe Work in Inert Confined Spaces in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries, Fifth Edition

Work in an inert confined space presents many unique hazards that may not be encountered in a typical confined-space entry. The performance of such work is typically conducted by and the special precautions and equipment necessary are obtained by using specialized contractors qualified and knowledgeable in the requirements for inert confined-space entry and work. Inert confined-space entries do not occur frequently at individual refining and petrochemical facilities, and the decision to perform this work activity must be carefully planned, programmed, reviewed, and approved by the facility/location management before such work takes place.

This standard provides guidance for safely entering and working within and near confined spaces that have inert atmospheres. API 2217A applies to confined spaces that have been intentionally purged with an inert gas until:

  • the oxygen level in the vapor space is too low to support combustion, and
  • any gases in or at the point of discharge from the confined space are deficient in oxygen such that the mixture is not flammable.

Typical inert entry work in the petroleum and petrochemical industry includes, but is not limited to, work to service or replace catalyst in reactors and work in confined spaces where the flammable or toxic atmosphere cannot be removed or made safe by another method (such as atmospheric ventilation).

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