AS 3740


Waterproofing of domestic wet areas

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AS 07/23/2021 67


AS 3740 – Waterproofing of domestic wet areas

The objective of this document is to set out the criteria for waterproofing wet areas within domestic buildings. It gives minimum requirements for materials, designs and installations.

The objective of this revision is to bring this document in line with the current waterproofing practices in the building industry. Changes from the previous edition include the following:

(a) Restructure for usability.
(b) Addition of figures with examples of application.
(c) Addition of information on risk levels of different areas.
(d) Inclusion of appropriate details for various risk levels.
(e) Clarification of usage definitions.
(f) Increased ease of reference for varying conditions.
(g) Revision of design and installation techniques.
(h) Expansion of information on shower and bath scenarios.
(i) Inclusion of informative integrity testing.

The role of waterproofing is to install waterproofing systems as a combination of waterproof and water-resistant materials in order to retain water within the designated wet area and exclude water from non-water-resistant building elements. It is intended that water be managed to an outfall at surface and substrate. Systems are intended to accommodate expected service conditions of the wet area to prevent damage by water and accumulated moisture to building elements.

AS 3740 is not to be interpreted as preventing the use of materials, systems or methods that meet the design and installation criteria set out in this document, but are not specifically referred to herein (alternative solution).

Additional requirements may need to be considered for wet areas intended for use by people with disabilities.

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