ASME B30.25


Scrap and Material Handlers

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ASME 07/02/2018 44


ASME B30.25 – Scrap and Material Handlers

B30.25 includes provisions that apply to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of scrap and material handlers consisting of a base, a revolving upper structure with operator’s station(s), and a front for lifting scrap or materials using attachments such as magnets and grapples, and any variations thereof in which the equipment retains the same fundamental characteristics.

The provisions included in this Volume apply to scrap and material handlers that are crawler mounted, rail mounted, wheel mounted, or on pedestal bases. The scope includes hydraulically operated scrap and material handlers powered by internal combustion engines or electric motors to lift, lower, and swing scrap and material at various radii.

Hydraulic excavators designed for digging and trenching, forestry machines, machines designed for demolition, lattice and telescopic boom cranes, rail-mounted cranes for railway and automobile wreck clearance, and equipment covered by other volumes of this Standard are excluded.

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