ASME PTC 19.22


Digital Systems Technique

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ASME 06/30/2008 54


ASME PTC 19.22 – Digital Systems Technique

The scope of this Code includes signal conditioning, signal multiplexing, analog-to-digital conversion, and data processing. This Code addresses stand-alone data acquisition systems, typified by a sensor with an integral digital display, data acquisition systems that link multiple sensors to a common digital processor tied to a computer or printer, and systems that link multiple digital processes to one or more stand-alone or net-worked computers.

This Code incorporates instrumentation practices covered by other Instruments and Apparatus Supplements (PTC 19 Series) as well as by the equipment Performance Test Codes. It also provides a means to determine the uncertainty associated with the data acquisition system, and its impact on the overall uncertainty of the performance test. The Code does not directly address specific sensors or instruments used for ASME Performance Testing. Those are address in other ASME Performance Test Codes.

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