ASME Section II Part A


2023 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section II: Materials – Part A: Ferrous Material Specifications

Standard by ASME International, 07/01/2023


ASME Section II Part A is a “Service Section” to the other ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, providing material specifications for ferrous materials adequate for safety in the field of pressure equipment. These specifications contain requirements for chemical and mechanical properties, heat treatment, manufacture, heat and product analyses, and methods of testing. They are designated by SA numbers and are identical with or similar to those of specifications published by ASTM and other recognized national or international organizations.

What are the key changes for ASME BPVC Section II Part A 2023?

  • Updates to the latest adopted edition have been made to over 60 specifications.
  • Two new specifications have been added: SA-439/439M Specification for Austenitic Ductile Iron Castings; SA-1058/1058M Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products – Metric.
  • Two new specifications have been removed: SA-557/SA-557M Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon Steel Feedwater Heater Tubes; SA-731/SA731M Specification for Seamless, Welded Ferritic, and Martensitic Stainless Steel Pipe.
  • A new statement of policy on the use of ASME material specifications has been added.
  • Mandatory Appendix II has been retitled to “The Framework of ASME Material Specifications” and has been completely rewritten.

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