CGA G-6.3


Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling and Handling Procedures

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CGA 01/01/2021 28


CGA G-6.3 – Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling and Handling Procedures

This publication includes the inspection, filling, handling, labeling, and shipping of uninsulated carbon dioxide cylinders, and the preparation of shipping papers.

In addition to the cylinder filling procedures in this publication, filling carbon dioxide cylinders for medical, food, or beverage use requires the use of product that meets appropriate CGA quality verification levels (QVL) as listed in CGA G 6.2, Commodity Specification for Carbon Dioxide, and requires additional procedures per regulatory requirements.

CGA G 6, Carbon Dioxide, contains information critical to safe storage and handling of carbon dioxide. To ensure personnel safety and proper system design, reference to CGA G-6 is highly recommended. Without obtaining CGA G-6, the reader will not be provided with significant information related to the physical properties and common hazards associated with storage, production, transportation, and handling of carbon dioxide . This publication does address the hazards specifically associated with insulated liquid carbon dioxide systems at consumer sites.

This publication does not cover stationary, in place, high pressure cylinder filling systems and processes where individual cylinder fill capacity is not measured by weight. These systems shall have an engineered safety risk-analysis before installation and use.

The primary purpose of this publication is to provide information to personnel engaged in handling, filling, and transporting carbon dioxide cylinders.

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