National Board Inspection Code – NBIC – 4 VOLUME SET

standard by National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, 2023


It is the purpose of the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) to maintain the integrity of pressure-retaining items by providing rules for post-construction activities including installation, and by providing rules for post-installation activities including inspections, repairs, and alterations, thereby ensuring the safety of the pressure-retaining items’ continued use.

The NBIC is intended to provide rules, information, and guidance to manufacturers, jurisdictions, Inspectors, owner-users, installers, contractors, and other individuals and organizations performing or involved in post-construction activities, thereby encouraging the uniform administration of rules pertaining to pressure retaining items.

The NBIC recognizes four important areas of post-construction activities where information, understanding, and following specific requirements will promote public and personal safety. These areas include:

  • NBIC NB 23 Part 1 – Installation
  • NBIC NB 23 Part 2 – Inspection
  • NBIC NB 23 Part 3 – Repairs and Alterations
  • NBIC NB 23 Part 4 – Pressure Relief Devices

The NBIC provides rules, information, and guidance for post-construction activities, but does not provide details for all conditions involving pressure-retaining items. Where complete details are not provided in this Code, the Code user is advised to seek guidance from the applicable jurisdiction or other technical sources.

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